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Bespoke British Made Nautical Instruments

Welcome to our new mobile friendly store. We have recently upgraded the site to accommodate both professional and amateur mariners and yachtsmen who by nature of the occupation are often restricted to what they can carry and what they can access. Hopefully this new mobile responsive website will fit the bill.. However somethings never change such as our fine range of nautical instruments which include Captain Fields Parallel rulers Rolling rulers Portland plotters Breton plotters and kits, NATO MOD brass pencil compasses and brass dividers, navigators squares, Hurst protractors, as well as carbon steel MOD pattern rigging knives deck knife and spike sets and carbon steel marlin spikes and chartwork accessories.

Free E Learning and Resources

As well as comprehensive instructions our fine range of chartwork instruments we are pleased to offer a range of free e-learning resources. Including basic navigation principles, elementary chartwork and tides instruction as well as an IALA Bupyage self examiner and International Code of Signals self Examiner. Subsribe to our mail list to get exclusive offers and e-learning updates

Portland Plotters and Bretton Plotters Brass dividers and pencil compasses